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Zapf has steadily maintained that he did not create Palatino as a book type but rather as a commercial face. This article follows Bringhurst's and Kelly's information of a release date.

The Aldine type of the Italian renaissance is one of the most influential typefaces in history. Later Palatino digitisations have different features and spacing. The genre, inspired by Italian traditions of handwriting and calligraphy, has been a dominant influence on most typefaces and lettering created in the Western world since the Renaissance. Cambridge University Press.

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It has been described as one of the ten most used serif typefaces. It includes a larger x-height and wider spacing. Digital Typography Pocket Primer.

The History and Principles of the Art. According to Linotype the currently available digitisation is based on the versions prepared by Scangraphic for display use, with tight spacing and striking contrasts in stroke weight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mark Simonson Studio Notebook.

Many type manufacturers in the past have done knock-offs of Helvetica that were indistinguishable or nearly so. The open-source community greatly extended the character sets of the fonts and releases new, updated versions under new names.

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Palatino's early digitisation intended for PostScript use is very widely used or cloned. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Palatino. Palatino Linotype is the version of the Palatino family included with modern versions of Microsoft software. It supports basic Latin, Arabic, Persian, list of websites for software and Urdu scripts. Every typesetting manufacturer had its own Helvetica look-alike.

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The Types of Hermann Zapf. American Printing History Association. The family includes roman and italic in text and bold weights.

Not to be confused with Paladino. The Book Typography of Hermann Zapf. On release it was one of the few fonts to incorporate an interrobang. So, if you wanted to buy a typesetting machine and wanted the real Helvetica, you had to buy Linotype.

It is also notable for including a full set of swash caps, something not included on digital versions of Palatino. An ultra-bold display type, with a slight slope but roman rather than italic letter forms. Palatino's italic in metal type included a set of swash capitals. This guaranteed its importance in digital and desktop publishing and made it or a variant of it a preinstalled font on most computers. Instead you got Triumvirate, or Helios, or Megaron, or Newton, or whatever.

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Redirected from Aldus typeface. Windsor Professional Information. Aldus is named for the Venetian Renaissance printer Aldus Manutius. Digital Typefaces Inspired by the Past.