Flash Video Tutorials For Beginners

Flash video tutorials for beginners

They are used to select objects and modify them. Click on the sixth frame or the second Keyframe.

We were unable to submit your feedback. Then switch to the rectangle tool and draw a square shape on the same spot that the circle was on. Enlarge it, and the circle looks pretty rough. Scaling Animation - Classic Tween Insert a new layer.

Flash video tutorials for beginnersFlash video tutorials for beginners

In this tutorial, we'll draw a simple circle shape, convert it into a symbol, and then edit that symbol. Try clicking your mouse on any edge of the triangle and then dragging it. Click on the Triangle layer to make it active. If you double-click on it, you will enter the symbol's timeline. Shape tweens can allow you to give the impression that an object is morphing into another.

It will show you how to make a graphical and numerical representation of download progress of the file. Actionscript experience is very sought after and can also be very difficult to learn.

These are a mix of text and video tutorials, and I hope that you'll find them engaging and enriching. Each video explains a specific topic, angels and shows simple examples that you can easily follow.

And the growth of the ActionScript programming language offers you the chance to take it much farther, if you want. We'll be adding a few more keyframes to make the circle move in a few more different directions.

Flash video tutorials for beginners

You are now leaving Lynda. Button symbols are ones that respond to user-based interaction via the mouse. We are going to add a shape tween, and it will not work if you convert the shape into a symbol. It comes with sets of shortcuts that mimic other popular programs like Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Once it's selected, right-click on it and choose Insert Keyframe. Double-click on one of the segments. They offer a really great deal if you also want to purchase Freehand. To give the triangle space to move, click on it and drag the entire shape to the left side of the Stage.

Drag the preview of the symbol into the Stage area to a location close to the object you just deleted. When the dialog box pops up, name the new symbol Triangle and select Graphic as its Behavior. Double clicking on and outside the item will open anc close the movie clip's timeline.

Hit the Enter key and marvel at the improvements to your animation. Double-click on the Layer and name it Circle. Movie Clip The movie clip symbol is like a combination of graphics, buttons and more. But I'll be drawing in the merge mode. You should see the circle disappear.

Play around with the other settings in the panel until the triangle is a new color that you like. Draw a circle on the lower-right corner of your Stage. Changing colors is no problem.

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These are the tool modifiers. Use the rectangle tool to draw a square shape in the middle of the stage.

Shape tweening also called shape morphing works only with ungrouped, nonsymbol objects, which exist directly on the Stage and Timeline. Select the whole shape using the selection tool, and then convert it into a graphic symbol named Circle.

Draw a loop starting at the center of the triangle and bring it around the bottom and back up the left side of the stage area. At any time, you can add frames or layers to the Timeline, move them, or change their attributes. Select Edit and Undo a few times to revert to the original triangle shape.

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Flash video tutorials for beginners

Because of bandwidth concerns on the Web, there has long been an urgent need for vector graphics. You can create a symbol out of any artwork that you draw or import onto the stage. You can also extend the duration of the movie by adding frames to the right end of the Timeline. If you have a movie full of dozens of instances of a single symbol, you can change them all at once by editing the symbol. Also, try adding some text as an object or symbol.

With the triangle selected, go to the Swatches panel and select a different fill color or gradient. The traditional method is to create a. Once you have selected a shape with an arrow tool, you can straighten or smooth it by clicking on one of the icons under Options on the tool panel.

Follow Us On Facebook Don't miss our latest news, features and videos. Theses tutorials should give you some ideas on how to get started. It's a great site for free tutorials as well. Next, drag the triangle by the cross hairs into the center until it snaps to the starting point of the path you just drew. Learn Anywhere Switch between devices without losing your place.

Flash video tutorials for beginners

And I'll also show you how to create a very simple example. Choose the eraser and try the same thing. It can be used for static artwork and animation, but it can also be used with ActionScript so that interactive functionality can be added to it. All the tools are identified by icons. Progress Bar Preloader Actionscript Preloaders indicate the rate at which a file is being downloaded or displayed.

Click on the first frame in the Timeline and then select the triangle you drew. Select the Paintbrush tool and, using the same color as the triangle, paint along the triangle.

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