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Confessions of a Windows 7 pirate

Microsoft is highly motivated to keep its lucrative Windows revenue stream intact. In the interest of research, under the ocean I've been digging into message boards and forums run by unabashed Windows enthusiasts who are intent on breaking Microsoft's activation technology.

Unfortunately, the experiences I've written about here prove why that strategy doesn't work. Time's running out on patching older systems against the BlueKeep vulnerability.

When will you get the next big feature update? The section describing my system's activation status was gone.

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Microsoft plans to use Drawbridge's digital identity management technology, which uses machine-learning techniques, to grow LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions product. Additionally, there is a feature named Aero Snap, that automatically maximizes a window when it is dragged to the top of the screen. If you do intend to try this stuff out for yourself, I recommend extreme caution. Microsoft issues second warning about patching BlueKeep as PoC code goes public. Buttons for pinned applications are integrated with the task buttons.

The reality is that anyone can be a victim, especially if they ever need help reinstalling Windows or repairing some sort of hardware problem. In the past, that would have been counted as a win for the pirates. Why not go after the real pirates? In this post, I'll share my experiences, including close encounters with some very nasty malware and some analysis on how the latest showdown between Microsoft and the pirates is likely to play out.

Microsoft acquires Drawbridge to bolster LinkedIn's marketing platform. They've become increasingly sophisticated and are able to react extremely fast to changes from Microsoft. To the far right of the system clock is a small rectangular button that serves as the Show desktop icon. New store will showcase hardware and offer help to users.

In that case, I was able to spot the unauthorized copy quickly and help my friend undo the damage and get his money back from the crooked tech. Unlike in Windows Vista, window borders and the taskbar do not turn opaque when a window is maximized with Windows Aero applied.

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Protect your bay from pirates

There's a common misconception that only diehard hackers mess around with pirated software. Microsoft prepares to open its latest flagship store, just a few doors down from Apple. This time I decided to drop by and actually try some of tools and utilities to see if I could become a pirate, too. Which is why I exercised extraordinary caution. These buttons also enable the Jump Lists feature to allow easy access to common tasks.

Confessions of a Windows 7 pirate

One thing I learned while researching this piece is the phenomenal determination of pirates. Thoughtfully, the program's developer had coded it to save a backup of the actual file so that it could be restored if necessary. Indeed, Windows pirates have been playing a cat-and-mouse game with Microsoft for years. Retail copies have to be activated using a unique serial number. Microsoft's Windows kernel engineer Mark Russinovich acknowledged the problem, but noted that malware can also compromise a system when users agree to a prompt.

And that experience is borne out by at least one real-world experience, which was reported, ironically, in the Talkback section of this blog. Microsoft prepares to open its latest flagship store, just a few doors down from Apple New store will showcase hardware and offer help to users. For Microsoft, responding to those fast-moving targets without inadvertently inflicting collateral damage on its customers is a tremendous challenge. When a user moves windows that were maximized using Aero Snap, the system restores their previous state automatically.

First, I did what any red-blooded wannabe pirate would do and tried some Google searches. Return to the web version. Clicking this button minimizes all windows, and clicking it a second time restores them.

Protect your bay from pirates

The taskbar has seen the biggest visual changes, where the Quick Launch toolbar has been replaced with pinning applications to the taskbar. Hovering over this button makes all visible windows transparent for a quick look at the desktop. So can major changes in Microsoft's update policies for business customers.

But if you're interested in tracking down the tools I tested you should have no trouble finding them using the clues available in screenshots and descriptions here. The two exploits I describe in this post are certainly not the only ones out there.