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Each executable within a package, as well as the package executable itself, supports the DelayValidation property. It could be because of a remote data source, a data source that is slow to respond or a number of other reasons. Is there any reason why this will happen? However, this property, when set to True, helps you avoid locking issues when your package is using transactions.

For this reason, it might be better to use the DelayValidation property at the task level. At last, I feel like I am back to routine. My package has parallel extract of data from the same datasource, but different tables.

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It would have saved hours I wasted in emails or checking data to understand the problem. If we have no additional data on the second run it still takes three minutes to complete - to do nothing but skip rows already processed. In the script component, I added a new output called Validation with two new output columns called FailedColumn and ValidationDescription.

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As I am developing the package, it is becoming increasingly slow to work with as more transformations are added to the data flow. This is exceptionally annoying. In this case, you should set the DelayValidation property to True at the task level. Does anyone have any idea what can be done to speed up the package - both with regard to development and execution?

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Or be able to control when validation takes place in general? The property is not available to individual data flow components. That means that the package will still run, but a warning will still appear when you open the package. Any ideas as to how this would be accomplished would be greatly appreciated.

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About James Serra

Still, since most of the validation time is spent connecting to external data sources, the offline validation is very fast. If you set it to True, the package will run as expected.

It simply delays any package-level validation when you run the package. In other words, you can set the property only on tasks, containers and the package itself. However, having a data validation task enables you to accept or reject the data at the very initial stage.

This is important if you also want to prevent the validation when the package opens. Running in debug mode, has an effect of causing packages that were not open and validated to go through validation though I am not running those packages. Note that setting the DelayValidation property at the package level does not prevent the initial validation process when you open the package. That means that the package will still run, as in the example I showed you, the dating game online sony but the warning will still appear when you open the package. Is there a way to turn off validation of metadata when a package opens?

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As you can see in first image above, the second Data Flow task shows a validation warning the yellow triangle. The rest are primarily lookups, conditional splits and derived column transformation. If database objects that are used by the package are locked when validation occurs, the validation process might stop responding. However, when the value of this property is False, the component is not aware of changes to the metadata of external data sources.

It still validates what can be validated locally without connecting to databases, such as checking file existence. Is it possible to set this up to run repeatedly without the validation on each iteration? Validating packages in advance can also serve a valuable purpose and end up saving time, so be sure to use these properties judiciously.

Then I realised, why I never thought of doing this before. Unlike the DelayValidation and ValidateExternalMetadata properties, the Work Offline option is available even before you open a package. You can also avoid this issue by using the three options described in this section. By default, this property is set to False.

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Setting the DelayValidation property to True at the task level can be one of the most time-saving steps you take. Next image shows the Data Flow tab for this Data Flow task. This is the DelayValidation property for the package executable.