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After defeating all the A. Spidey then has the choice of releasing either the real Jameson or let him here and release the clone instead. Spidey eventually defeats Black Cat and has the choice of either freeing her from the mind-control or let the device fry her brain. Spider-Man's wedding Spider-Man Live!

Web of Shadows Review Web of Shadows takes Spider-Man into new territory with an enjoyable action adventure romp that's over too soon. However, as Spidey checks on an injured Mary Jane, Venom escapes. While fending it from several A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He manages to defeat them before they ruin the meeting and finds evidence that they are secretly responsible for the gang war. However, if the player helped Green Goblin twice, Spider-Man escapes the hive wearing his black suit and realizes that, with the symbiote leader gone, he is now in charge of the symbiotes. But which are worth your time, and how does Marvel's Spider-Man stack up to them? While the Tinkerer begins constructing the device, Spider-Man aids S. These conversations can change specific parts of the story and even the ending of the game, or give the player points for each of the two suits individually, depending on the chosen line.

Here, Spider-Man defeats numerous A. Critics praised the idea of an original story, but cited poor execution. However, Venom escapes once again and there are still numerous pods across the city turning innocent people into symbiotes. After a short battle, the two settle their differences and begin working together to track down more infected citizens. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.

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The ending of the game depends on the choices made through the game. It's been seven days since the last Crosshairs, and we know you've missed us! We learn how important playing nice with others can be and try on a couple of snazzy Spidey outfits in this hands-on. Electro begins rampaging through the camps, looking for his sister, but Spider-Man gives chase.

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After defeating and freeing her from the symbiote, Spider-Man obtains the S. Mary Jane and Cage are trying to evacuate the last remaining civilians in Harlem to the S.

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The revival will be successful if he receives enough health orbs before a time limit is reached. Regardless the choice, Electro is free from the symbiote's control and agrees to help Spider-Man stop the invasion. Although Spidey disagrees, Kingpin later gives him several tasks as well, first sending him to defend a rooftop where some of his goons are located from a symbiote attack, with help from several S. Unknown to them, the civilians have been secretly infected by symbiotes.

Spider-Man avoids all of Kraven's traps and eventually defeats Kraven, before successfully infiltrating the A. If the code is done right, the player can replay the game with all of their previous upgrades already made. Spider-Man accuses him of having Jackal steal the generator, but Smythe reveals he had nothing to do with it and states that whatever Jackal's planning it's already too late to stop the invasion. He eventually defeats Electro and Widow shoots him to stop him for good.

Spider-Man escapes in time and returns in the city, only to encounter more infected citizens and symbiote structures than ever. With Venom now too weak to accompany him, themes for your mobile phone zedge Spider-Man decides to infiltrate deeper into the hive by himself and eliminate the leader. Spider-Man enemies in other media Green Goblin. Web of Shadows takes Spider-Man into new territory with an enjoyable action adventure romp that's over too soon. Web of Shadows Hands-On Impressions We learn how important playing nice with others can be and try on a couple of snazzy Spidey outfits in this hands-on.

However, this allows the symbiotes to crawl up the tower and break in, so Spider-Man helps Kingpin's goons reactivate the security system and chase the symbiotes away. While Mary Jane and Cage go on their own, Spider-Man escorts the convoy from a beacon to another, until eventually reaching Fisk Tower. The suit makes Spider-Man much more powerful and aggressive and he easily defeats Venom. After all the pods are destroyed, Venom is finally defeated.

Spider-Man in other media. Spidey meets up with Luke Cage and the two split up to defeat as many infected people as they can. Thinking Venom responsible, Spider-Man searches for him. The ending of the game depends on who Spider-Man helped earlier. In the evil ending, Spider-Man becomes the new leader of the symbiote army and takes over Manhattan.

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This section needs expansion. Upon defeating her, Spider-Man goes to confront her at her apartment, where Black Cat reveals that she's secretly working against Kingpin and still has strong feelings for him. Spider-Man returns with Tinkerer to Manhattan, only to find it covered in symbiote goop and full of infected people, as the invasion has reached maximum scale. The sheer level of glitches in the game, however, manages to take the fun factor down several notches. Spider-Man manages to defeat the symbiote leader and then escapes the collapsing hive.

Venom informs Spider-Man that he is not responsible for the invasion, but was trying to stop it. He also reveals that if the hive's symbiote leader is defeated, all of the infected will return to normal. After defeating numerous members from both gangs across the city, Spider-Man confronts their respective leaders and convinces them to have a peaceful meeting at the Harlem Park.

However, a mysterious figure appears and attacks him, leaving him unconscious. Later that night, as Spider-Man watches over the meeting between the gang leaders and Luke Cage, he spots several assassins armed with advanced weapons and armors on the rooftops around the park.

At specific points in the story, various choices appear that have the player choose between the Red Path or the Black Path. Spider-Man later helps defend the S. You can help by adding to it. The game begins with the symbiote invasion already in progress. Nevertheless, Spidey contacts S.

These choices influence the story, the way other characters interact with Spider-Man and even the ending of the game. Find out what our picks are for the best games of and vote for your favorites!

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After enlisting Moon Knight or Vulture to take him there, Spider-Man sets up bombs to destroy the helicarrier, while the heroes or the villains deal with the symbiotes. The situation soon gets out of control and a S. Who Spider-Man helps is decided upon by the player, and each of them can be helped twice. Most Recent Forum Activity.