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The Cotswold Villages Walk - Vol. Even if you've never watched a single episode, you'll still enjoy visiting some of the most interesting locations in London. Leaving the peaceful Plains of Abraham, you cross a busy street and approach another historic city landmark, Quebec's Parliament Building.

Of course location, location, location, how could anything go wrong. Royalty Free Video Temperate. As you head southward, you note that the trees are beginning to change to their vivid Autumn colors. Plus, it doesn't have those annoying screen wipes that occur on so many other videos of this type. Viewing it felt like a recreation of the same cruise that I took in Paris.

The second half of your Cycling Scenery Video switches to the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, the perfect locale for cyclists. The scenery changes as the camera next enters the village of Chester, Nova Scotia. Like pearls on a necklace, these five centuries-old seaside villages, set against some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the world, make up Italy's amazing Cinque Terre. This video contains the sights and sounds of a walk recorded on a sunny day in November, windows 7 32 bit keygen walking in the midst of a sea of faces. Royalty Free Video Cities.

Your one hour Cornwall Bike Ride ends at a footpath to the beach. Waves Crashing on a Tropical Beach. Later, you will enter a typical Cypress swamp alive with green plants.

The idyllic village of Bibury is next on your walk. Makes an hour on the treadmill seem like only a moment.

Soon you sight the first of the many grazing sheep to be discovered on this narrow winding road. Wallingford has a strong history in the fictional murder mystery genre. Royalty Free Video Oil Drilling. Continuing on with your walk, you pause for a moment beside the Church of St. Royalty Free Video Flower Closeup.


Your one-hour nature walk ends with a stunning view of the lake and the Ko'olau Mountains. This is a view which few cyclists or joggers ever get to enjoy.

Walking Through Barley Field. Leaving the church grounds we turn right and follow High Street, where many of the cottages in Lewknor are built using flints. After starting with a view of the coast in the distance, you pass hedgerows so typical of rural England. You'll delight in the almost tourist-free streets in these romantic villages.


After entering the old town of Rhodes by passing through the Marine Gate you turn left and enter Platia Ippokratous and walk past its medieval fountain. Wilson Observatory which is enclosed in a cloud. Ravello, overlooked by the hoards of tourists, is perched high on a hillside and offers the best vistas on the Amalfi Coast.

Moving on, our route takes us briefly into a residential area but even this area is scenic. Of course, the village has its War Memorial proudly displayed, one of about free-standing war memorials in Oxfordshire. It's the closest thing to actually being there. There is no annoying background music only the natural sounds like birds singing, making the virtual experience more realistic. Natural forest sounds with audible bird calls.

Lighting is natural which probably took some advance planning to catch good weather. The flora is ideal indicating a good selection of season. This way to do exercise promotes well-being. Spring City Landscape Background Loop.

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Tracking Shot of a Small Waterfall. Drone shoot of sunset over snowy winter landscape. The rural Devon scenery is constantly changing and always interesting. The camera, from time to time, pauses and permits you to take in the beautiful scenery before continuing on with the walk.

You may use these video clips free of charge, in both personal and commercial productions. Click here to watch clips from this Video. Click here to watch video clips from this Video. You'll visit Piazza della Repubblica where a typical Italian street market is in progress. And, if you have visited Provence in the past, then you'll enjoy recalling the wonderful memories you made there!

You did such an wonderful job capturing the footage, it really feels like you're walking there when on the treadmill! The Irish forest in spring takes on a new life, as the trees begin to grow with a new vitality. At the end of Rue du Petit-Champlain, you turn and head north on Boulevard Champlain - also lined with one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. This temple was moved to a new island by international effort to save it from being submerged by a change in water level caused by the construction of the High Dam at Aswan. Man At the Base of Large Waterfall.

Excellent way to do excercise. The next section of your Galway walk takes you through Buttermilk Walk and then through Buttermilk Lane, then through an indoor shopping mall before returning to busy Shop Street.


Can't wait to add more to my collection. You are alone in the green woodlands - a solitary walker deep in a mature Irish forest.

Just a bit of everything and flat out fascinating. The locations are splendid. For most of the hour long Video, the road follows the bay.

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We then turn into the village center, walk past numerous cottages and cross the village's cricket field. This Video lets you experience the natural, scenic wonder of the Scottish Highlands on a spring day! This Video lets you experience the natural, scenic wonder of Nova Scotia's Mahone Bay on a summer's day!

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Walking further on the path takes you ever deeper into the forest. Adventure Royalty Free Video. The beautiful scenery made this exercise session fly by.

Your one hour nature walk continues around the lake to a bridge before continuing on a path beside the lake. During your one-hour Sherlock Holmes Virtual Walk you'll visit the location where John Watson encountered his old chum, Mike Stanford, sitting on a park bench. Soon you enter the outskirts of the small village of Mahone Bay.