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The latest and updated game from the publishers are given here. Grab your stuff while you still can. Control all facets of the unique Silk, lifestyle of faith to trading with distant locations.

Pros As an old fan of Sim city, I definitely enjoy the concept of the game. That is why a movement limitation option is offered to save lives of your workers from a certain death. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

The surplus of rocks and laborers is very rare, so the pyramids are not a must-have project. The food is always needed, so the player has to provide it in enormous quantities. If, for some reason, you don't have your previous Pharaoh saved positions, Cleopatra has a mode by which missions can be played in the order that the player desires.

An even worse predicament is when the River Nile transforms into a River of Blood, and scares the socks off the population well, it would if they wore socks. Overall, this is a standard but solid civilization building game that should please fans of ancient history. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the game, Pharaoh you'll going to walk and build as an Egyptian.

Pharaoh (Windows) Game DownloadPharaoh - PC Full Version Free Download

Observe their culture and habits. If you are kind enough please don't forget to share. The game includes enhancements to its parent title Pharaoh in the areas of gameplay, shortcut keys, and scope.

Interact with your citizens. The game play is not as complicated as some apparently believe, but then again I am used to complicated strategy games so I might not be the best judge of that. The whole thing reminds me of what we had with Commandos and its expansion, Beyond the Call of Duty. The pyramids are pretty, but useless. Unless otherwise specified, these virtual goods shall be deemed an integral part of the Software.

The construction site will have to be guarded from potential tomb raiders that wish to rob the valuables that the Pharaoh will take with him into the afterworld. If you had noticed any problem in the link or in the file which you are downloading, inform us immediately so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Help us keep the site alive with a donation. In the latter, victory is claimed immediately upon meeting or exceeding all required ratings.

Pharaoh (Windows) Game Download

You are the governor of a city in the land of the pharaohs, set with the task of feeding your people and striking deals with other towns to bring in the goods your town requires. If you mix them, it will inevitably lead to general dissatisfaction. Other added features are new beasts e. Bought the game and the Cleopatra expansion years ago on a bargain rack, and still love it.

How we keep GamesNostalgia safe from viruses and malware. Launching the game normally requires the execution of a. The game is somewhat like Civilization but with focus on Egypt instead of the whole World.

Yes it's free and always will be. The early stages of the campaign serve as a tutorial, gradually introducing you to the buildings, commands and various gameplay concepts. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Download Sierra's old strategy game, Pharaoh, for free on this page.

Due to its competitive release date, Pharaoh was dwarfed by some of the bigger Christmas hits. Those periods were divided into sub-periods, so history connoisseurs had a full treat. Haven't been able to successfully download the game.

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Pharaoh is a strategic city-building game set in the Egypt of roughly to B. Your rule will span generations, until your dynasty, dictionary for cell phones your royal bloodline produces a Pharaoh!

Cons Haven't been able to successfully download the game. Installation of the full commercial version of Pharaoh is required in order to utilize the expansion pack. During the four additional campaigns, the players will get to meet many new nations Romans, Hittites, Persians and even Macedonians. They will migrate to other settlements if the player doesn't apply some damage control and mitigate the hardships that keep hitting the town.

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The editor features a fine help menu, but the rest of the game is apparently lacking a manual? Reign of the Elements Adventure.