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You quickly respond to the email. Being on OkCupid for that length of time means I've viewed a lot of profiles.

You have consistent text messages full of inside jokes and easy banter, but then you have to go out of town. But I don't feel the need to say so in my OkCupid profile. Police While Drayton claims he strangled a man in the Bronx, for instance, New York police sources said there are no unsolved murders in that area that fit his description. Generally, you want a meeting to be as quick as possible from the time you decide you have potential with this person, but sometimes things happen to prevent that. Perhaps I'm too picky, but if I see that in a profile, I'm actually slightly less likely to send someone a message.

But if not, maybe it's time to find a new joke. If you repeat an unfunny joke that I've seen a bunch before, it indicates, at least to me, that you're nothing special and I thus have less incentive to send you a message and get to know you. And while I can appreciate jokes in a profile, that one gets a bit old and it was never that funny to begin with.

That's the section where you get to describe some of the qualities you'd like to see in the people who drop you a line. In fact, once you met in person, you may not have experienced the same chemistry. Things progress to natural phone calls. You knew that was a possibility, which made you both feel a silent pressure on meeting.

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For the record, I have sent messages to people with that in their profile, but all else being equal, I'm more likely to send a message to someone without it. Some people talk about sense of humor or other non-physical qualities. And so I've come to notice similarities between profiles.

So detectives are checking for similar cases across the border in Westchester County, New York. But then we come to the final section of the profile.

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There, he allegedly strangled and sexually assaulted a year-old woman and refused to let her leave after a date, according to officials in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. My list is spam-free and you can opt out any time. Shoot out a friendly conversation starter.

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If you really are worried about serial killers finding you via OkCupid, by all means leave that caveat in your profile. Now, I have no desire to date a serial killer. Granted, I don't look at profiles of men much, dating websites for separated people so perhaps there are a lot more serial killers among the male denizens of OkCupid. Someone interesting checks out your profile and sends you a note. The reason for that is because repeating a joke like that - especially one that isn't terribly funny - indicates a bit of a lack of original thought.

You never even got the chance to meet! Finally, things gets back to normal.

Oddly, now your conversations are more strained. You needed to meet before all of this digital intimacy snowballed. The wind got taken out of the sails and now it all feels stale.

You were too fast too soon in a relationship that had false intimacy. But there's another thing I see surprisingly often in that final section. Some people talk about physical appearance.

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