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Separate names with a comma. Mc Shea's biggest criticism of the game focused on the technical issues he encounters, particularly in regard to the online modes. The game introduces some new features, several of which involve cover athlete Michael Jordan.

NBA 2K11 soundtrack Best of all the 2K soundtracks

Completing the challenges unlocks a selection of shoes worn by Jordan throughout his career, which can then be used in several game modes. MyPlayer mode is a new mode, in which the player creates their own basketball player.

Michael Jordan is the cover athlete of the game. The player customizes the appearance, animations, and other aspects of the player, and plays through their basketball career, upgrading their attributes.

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The teams are used in the Jordan Challenge mode, but the player may use them in quick play. There's like to really out of place songs though, like some hard alternative rock that sound like they belong on Madden.

Some of the musicians are playable in the game's street basketball mode. Madden can keep that alternative rock. Apple Reportedly Planning to End iTunes. Players can play with the teams in exhibition mode and association mode. Also, the feature to max out skill points of all attributes of the character is disabled.

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Bball is and always will be an urban sport and the soundtrack should reflect that. There is also a new feature where the players can play as some of the artists in the soundtrack. The player customizes the appearance, animations, and other aspects of their player, and plays through their basketball career, bluetooth on pc software upgrading their attributes. Cover art featuring Kobe Bryant.

NBA 2K11 - Song List

The Gathering Series for Netflix. Thomas mainly praised the overall gameplay and presentation, but he also commended the addition of the MyPlayer mode, despite him thinking that progression in the mode was far too time-consuming. Cover art featuring Michael Jordan. Online modes and quick play options among others are also available. Needs more Dan The Automator.

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is the cover athlete of the game. MyPlayer mode is one of the modes.

Michael Jordan is the game's cover athlete. Michael Jordan is the cover athlete of the game and is featured in the game in different ways. What about all the people who want to ball and don't like hip-hop.

Along with standard online and quick play game modes, several other game modes are present. This includes seeing players walk off the team bus as they enter the arena during pre-game. You want to get people hyped while playing the game also, and give em some cool laid back hip hop or rock songs.

NBA 2K11 - Song List

Champion, Drake's Song, Cassidy's song are the best songs period! Jordan's appearance changes as the player progresses in the mode. Several game modes are present, such as quick play, online, and street basketball modes. Video games portal National Basketball Association portal.

NBA 2K11 soundtrack Best of all the 2K soundtracks

This mode is unlocked after completing all the Jordan Challenges or entering a specific cheat code. The player can play with Jordan on any team, and will start as the rookie version before progressing through his career.

NBA 2K11 Soundtrack Spotify Playlist

NBA 2K11 Soundtrack Spotify Playlist

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As Jordan completes seasons during the mode, players will see his appearance change as he ages. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Players are then able to use their created player in the main game's MyPlayer mode. The game strives to realistically depict the experience of basketball, and more specifically, the National Basketball Association.