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By then years of warfare and had been imposed by the Papacy virtually extinguishing the flames of the European pagan religions. Increasingly ordinary Christian formed mobs destroying, pillaging, desecrating, vandalising many of the ancient Pagan temples, tombs and monuments. Muslim Devout Praying on street European, Islam and other such exotic Oriental creeds are seen as foreign intrusions. The decrees of Emperor Theodosius from to that the iron grip of religious totalitarianism really took root.

German intellectuals therefore sought solace in an exotic land where like themselves the people were subjugated, India. Balts, Slavs, Germans and Nordics nestled in-all the way north to the frozen wastes of Iceland.

Most were also subject to killing by the mob even after being acquitted in court as happened as late as in Edinburgh. So Huntingdon once again relates western identity back to Christianity. Here he revealed his true identity, and made Europa the first queen of Crete.

Most of what is considered Christian Europe is actually pagan Europe. This is ironic considering that the new upstart creed claimed to drink the blood and eat the flesh of its god.

Religious freedom has thus been severely curtailed. Alexandria In this burning atmosphere of intolerance and hatred the great Library of Alexandria was pillaged and destroyed by Christian mobs. This has been as much an issue as human rights and democracy when resistance is made to Turkey joining the European Union. Indeed this theory claimed an Aryan invasion of Europe before we have the theory even applied to India.

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Barely thirteen percent of the population belongs to the once powerful Lutheran Church. Swami Vivekananda But with Hinduism the churches know that Christianity has a real alternative on its hands. Traditional female healers also posed a threat to the dominance of male doctors. But ancient Hindu civilisation proved a hard nut to crack which was to prove ominous for Christian belief in Europe itself.

Christian or really Pagan? The historical reality is somewhat different. Humanist ideas which followed the Renaissance and the opening up of the East to European exploration had led to a greater awareness of the antiquity of Indian civilisation.

For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here. The Icelander saga-the Edda-contains creation passages that are Upanishadic in tone. Yet also modern Hindus ignore these inconvenient facts. Pagans and followers of indigenous European religions are thus still being targeted without mercy. Schopenhauer Schopenhauer preferred Buddhism and Hinduism over Christianity.

By the middle of the sixteenth century, witches were being burned at the stake in their hundreds. Faith, ethics and loyalty to fatherland were said to supersede the rights of the individual.

We need to look behind a history written by the Christian victors. In doing so we find remarkable revelations.

Not exactly encouraging for those who wish to return Europe to its Christian roots. It does not matter that this god may indeed be absent. Romanticist and racist German nationalism was popularised by scholars and writers and dominated intellectual and public life. Hindus have preserved the ancient spiritual knowledge which was once common to cultures now denounced as pagan. The only existing material is that put into writing-for the first time-by Irish Christian monks in the seventh century.

Subjected to centuries of monotheistic imperialism they have internalised a deep inferiority complex. Europa onto his back allowing Zeus to run into the sea and swim, with her on his back, to the island of Crete. Druids also taught that the self was immortal, the soul transmigrated into different bodies after death, and conducted ritual sacrifices to appease the gods. The Germans believed that they had been the victims of great power rivalries, notably between France and Austria.

Arya Samaj was nothing more than Christianity with Hindu garb, just as was attempted by Catholic missionary Robert di Nobiliin the seventeenth century. Friedrich Schlegel Herder and other Romantics saw language not to transmit reason but to express feeling. Revered Christian Saint and Pagan temple destroyer Once the tribal king or chief was converted the bishops knew that the rest would follow.

The Celts were not alone in this. While this included Celtomania and interest in the Norse sagas, it was ancient Greece which appealed to the German Romantics because it was composed of small virtuous states just like Germany. Anti-witch madness spread to the Protestant churches as well.

Hypatia being dragged by Christians to her brutal death Taken by a Christian mob to the church called Caesareum, they completely stripped her and then murdered her with tiles. Scotland saw witch-hunts from the s. But the monotheistic juggernaut of hate was by now unstoppable. It is this which has led to the mass murder of millions in the name of progress, rationalism and science.

That is exactly what happened as Christianity spread through Europe. These are the great founding fathers of European and western civilisation which is so often touted as superior. Church Uniting against Paganism Presently the churches are united in their unceasing war against the vestiges of paganism.

Presently they can scoff at pagans having become so self assured that Christianity has won the day by imposing its imperialist monotheistic creed on Europe for the last years. The same was tried in India with the Portuguese Inquisition. This became codified in with the writing of a book called Malleus Maleficarum, or Hammer of the Witches. The myth of Europe having Christian roots is exploded.

The ancient culture and civilisation which had given rise to essential elements in our modern civilisation, were extinguished by the intolerant monotheistic deity of Christianity. That Constantine included within its own ranks as the Nicene Creed deemed many self-confessed Christians as heretics. The surviving pagans blamed the sack of Rome in on neglect and suppression of the ancient traditions. The Celtic religion survived most apparently in ancient Irish folklore. Goddess Europa The continent actually takes its name from Europa, a Phoenician woman of distinguished lineage, online dating nasik the daughter of Agenor the King of Tyre.

It was not just the Catholics. It had more to do with an obsessive anti-Semitism integral to the Church from its very inception which was taken to its genocidal conclusions.

How does it work?