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Which harmonica key would I use? Music theory is not such a complicated thing, and a harmonica in the key of C will be your best choice on the way to get a good grasp of the theory. Closer to Scottish than to Irish in style, mind. These sites have user profiles looking for connection at various levels.

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All the holes play well and from ear it sounds like it's in tune. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Judy Garland. And then you found your key. His command over Western music on the instrument was unparalalled.

The Harmonica Club A tribute to Milon Gupta Indian Mouth Organ Maestro

Your first harmonica should be in the key of C. My father and I were both fans together and we would listen to this cassette often. It has no numbers on it for me to know what keys to play.

This harmonica sounds fantastic! Milon da was a peer harmonica player. See details Available until the end of June. Milon da, i miss you a lot. Or, to ensure the best match to your requirements, get our entire library with the Master Set.

The first thing I noticed is it feels pretty heavy. Keep posting such informations. We must all salute him for this. It is very encouraging to see much about Milonda.

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Our recordings are accompaniments only - there is no singing on our tracks. Robust, heavier and with a fatter sound. There are some nice waltzes that sit well on the harmonica, but reels, jigs and hornpipes and polkas and slides and marches and strathspeys are equally fertile ground. And Did Those Feet Jerusalem. Milon as the best professional Harmonica player in India.

Mouth Organ Hindi Songs Mp3

His mother was a very accomplished singer in Calcutta having sung in the All India Radio. Milan Banergee is the guru of R. Yes - but did you not spot my smiley? There are far more people than just Brendan and the Murphys putting the harmonica to the fore.

It's not all hymns and songs. In fact I read his interview in a hindi weekly Dhramyug where he gave information about different styles of playiong and brands of Harmonica. Looking for some new harp tunes to learn?

Mouth Organ Hindi Songs Mp3

And I am not the only person around here who plays it. Waltzes are often the most common tunes, played on it. Feels awesome, sounds awesome, handmade in Germany, lasts for years. This name is none other than that of the legendary Milon Gupta.

All in all, it is a fun instrument to have around and you can learn a musical skill with it. Share on Stumbleupon Share. They are the most accomplished harmonica players that the world has ever seen and we find only one name from the Indian sub continent. Dear sandeep ji, Thx for your message.

Probably the one I use the most these days. Even though I've never played one before I have played regular blues harps and had no trouble picking this up right away. And there began the journey of the great Milon Gupta. Later, if you see that you like the harmonica and you want to continue, the second pair of most popular keys are G and Em which also share the same notes with one another.

Try some of the old Hank Williams songs on the harp I think you will find they fit the harmonica well. Turkey in the Straw Unknown. Even though he had no formal training, he was equally fluent with both the Indian notation as well as the Western Stave notation. Perhaps this is mentioned elsewhere on the site, but I did not see it in this article. With best Regards to all of my guru bhai in India.

Indian Mouth Organ Maestro. Personally any mouth organ players I have seen are older, olympic games 2012 for pc so unless its something people are taking up later in years it may be on the way out. The subject of the mouth organ in trad does come up here every so often. You have asked for saikat Mukherjee.

Jerry Reed won in but also played the guitar. Bohemian Rhapsody Queen and Freddie Mercury. You can listen to his numbers particulary our National anthem which he played by a chord harmonica. How do I play Folsom prison blues? Can someone tell me where i can get it from and what should be the reasonable price.