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And also one thing, when you name a movie after an old and phenomenal one i. Catch it whenever you can and you will enjoy the film. Cinematography was done marvellously.

Perhaps then it's the director's job to tease a performance out of her. Beautiful is a Indian Hindi -language romantic comedy-drama film. The way she sat, ate, laughed, walked, jumped hence everything she did was her true side. Fawad Khan's face expressions were more than amazing. Shashanka Ghosh's Direction is good.

Mili shames the King into getting over his guilt and tries to befriend him through conversation and video games, and encourages him to talk about the car accident. All hindi movie songs, video, artist names, movie names and pictures are copyrighted to their respective owners. The background score was melodious and three songs were worth watching. As for the songs they are awful too. My suggestion is if you are thinking of watching it its better to watch it in the cinema as its such a magical fun ride with some good songs, watch saw 4 online for without ing well at least I enjoyed.

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Khoobsurat is the fairytale you want to be in! Khoobsurat is loosely based on classic Khoobsurat starring Rekha. Home Romantic Songs Khoobsurat songs Naina nu pata hai.

What is wrong with this movie? Mili finds that her casual way of living clashes with the strict discipline of the royal household. Vikram eventually finds Mili at a paintball arena, and declares his love for her. How she treats her patient and interacts with the family is the rest of the story. Sonam Kapoor's Every action had very natural effects in it.

Please avoid this movie and save money, time and headache medicine cost. Best Actress Popular Choice. Her mother Manju hopes that she will find a suitable and charming man to marry.

Overall it was entertainment, rather say enjoyed my minutes. Fawad Khan has done justice to his role. Editing okay but was required at few places.

Divya runs away for film auditions in Jaipur. Music is interesting and supports the story line. The director of this movie must have worked so hard to make such an amazing movie.

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More To Explore Search on Amazon. Speaking specifically this is not a Sonam Kapoor film like the original was a Rekhamovie all the way.

Hrishikesh Mukerjee made a sweet and simple film, which remains a classic to this day. However the balancing scene in the end explained the importance of that particular approach quite entertainingly and I got my answer from the writers. And that was why I put it off even though I had this movie on my pen drive since ages.

Khoobsurat 2014 full movie with english subtitles

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Rhea on Sonam Kapoor's Cannes look. Actors like Fawad Khan should not select such kind of movies. The film is loose, at times. So i will request everyone to go and watch this one.

Even Nirmala's son Vikram fawad also dislikes her but things change at one point. International Indian Film Academy Awards.

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Bollywood was only good for love stories but seeing this you can actually say that it is now also failing in these types of movies. The king then surprises the queen by standing and admitting that he saw Divya run away. Some trimming, was strongly needed. No violation whatsoever is intended.

Zero is perfect comeback for ShahRukh Khan. The interval bang was good and the film gets a bit serious before getting back into happy mode. Turned out I was wrong, this movie turned out to be disaster. Nirmala Devi Rathore Vikram's Mother. Anyone with any taste in decent flicks should stay away.

Fawad Khan like always has acted very well and his face expression were way too amazing. The queen's demanour changed due to his paralysis and the responsibilities thrust upon her, and the once-happy atmosphere of the royal household came to its present state. No comedy rather irritating comedy and no story line what so ever. Well, what should I say about the song?

The music made me fall asleep and the dialog was painful to hear. Comedy was well brought out. Add this title to your Watchlist. Every part of the movie is a bigger flop. But, on the other hand the Royal Family had strict rules and for them Sonam was no less than a retarded Doctor.

My suggestion would be to skip this disgrace of a movie and go watch an English film instead or spend your time on something else. Sonam Kapoor has overdose of over-acting. Neither have I seen Sonam Kapoor in many films in the past.

Audible Download Audio Books. You will be glad that you did. Only Kiron Kher impresses. Sonam Kapoor should look for some other career option instead of wasting people money and time.

Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Divya returns and tells the queen that she came back because of Mili. The building of relationship between Sonam and Fawad is awful. Fawad Khan in his debut movie excels in the same way as he does in his serials.

Music is the only aspect left that can make the movie work out, but in this movie, even that aspect was not up to the mark. Please save your money and stay away from this crap. When this film was in theater i saw many negative review which tend me no to watch in theater. And it was definitely worth it.