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The money buys the usual gifts and dates you expect from this genre, and skill points unlock better-paying jobs. The only thing stopping you from taking on every job and hobby is the time bar. After only a few hours of playing, you can reset your game and receive everything back ten times faster, only to work towards another reset to gain a booster. There are also new girls and outfits exclusive to Nutaku - oh, and there's even a hottie you can date called Nutaku-chan! Moist and Uncensored will hook you quickly.

Because these encounters are over so quickly, there's some humor to make the ridiculousness not feel out of place - it sets the atmosphere for a fun, non-serious game one can play casually.

Moist and Uncensored is now available to play on Nutaku - for free! In these type of games, the dates are simple match-three puzzles, and the pickup approaches are straightforward, like filling a questionnaire. There's only the excitement of meeting new girls, chatting them up, and skipping to the good stuff.

Idle Planet - KongHack

You can grab extra ticks to your time bar, boosters to progress, and even eliminate the reset penalty. Every activity takes ticks in the time bar. As their General, command the sexy tanks and fight against the strong, video dating services unknown force that is about the take over the world.

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Meeting girls is as simple as destroying their motorcycle, walking on their cardboard box house, reking their arcade record, etc. Crush Crush has a unique mechanic to speed up the leveling up of your skills, and your money in-flow. These sequences are told in a skippable storymode format, never taking away from the actual gameplay time. It feels jolly like you're breaking the game with cheat codes, except that it's a core part of the experience. Like all free to play games, there is a store in Crush Crush.

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