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Prince Yeoning looks for an herb to help the Queen. Two court ladies are arrested for the attempted murder of Ok-jung. Promotional poster for Dong Yi. But they must listen to birds! Spurned on by the novel, the public is outraged on the banished queen's behalf.

The King decides changes are in order to prevent the power plays that have disrupted the court from happening again. Ok-jung tries to bargain with the King for her brother's release.

From Wikipedia, screaming goat video the free encyclopedia. Gae Do Ra is the new Geumgae leader. Evidence of a plot is found at the banished queen's residence. The King is very troubled by the evidence against the Queen.

Ok-jung and Namin are forced to plot against the Queen again. Oh Tae Seok blames the incident on the Geumgae Group. Ok-jung loses her position as queen and is once again only a royal concubine.

But I will write about that next time. Queen In-hyun returns to the palace and her former position. The Seoin and the Queen Mother try to throw suspicion on Ok-jung after learning she brought medicinal herbs into the palace.

She is convinced the butterfly shaped key could clear the names of her father and brother. Overwhelmed by her new status, Dong Yi flees the palace. Prince Yun and Prince Yeoning are missing.

The King notices the Queen's freckles have changed color. Jang Hee-jae is thrilled his sister, the royal concubine, can rule as queen now. He takes Dong Yi to a safe house but she runs away.

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Choi Dong Yi is about to be attacked in her new home. Choi Hyo-won is framed for the murder of the police chief's father. Lady Jang is blamed for the unpopular sound change of a musical instrument. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

In-won becomes queen instead. She flees from the police officers. She was one of the last people to see the Minister alive. The Society is accused of murdering more political leaders.

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The students are given a piece of music and have to play together in groups. This episode was interesting in many ways including how the court music is related to bad omens.

King Sook-jung gives Dong Yi the rank of Seung. Ok-jung's attendant is suspected by Dong Yi of the poisoning. Seo Yong-ki is given royal authority to investigate anything related to Dong Yi. They have to write down the melody each musician plays.

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Choi Dong Yi follows Queen Inhyeon's orders and leaves the palace, under mysterious circumstances. Kim Gu Seon pushes Prince Yeoning to eat potentially toxic acorns.

Prince Yun suffers impotence and wants Prince Yeoning to become king. Missing books show up with Prince Yeoning's texts. The students gather outside in the courtyard and the first part of the test is revealed on a scroll.


Jang Hee-jae used some of its funds to pay for the false testimony against the queen. Ok-jung becomes suspicious when the King's attitude towards her changes. She had an exceptional mind that helped her in solving difficult cases.

She later gives birth to a boy. By law, once he is married, he must leave the palace and Dong Yi's protection. The Captain of the Palace faces death if he does not find the princes. Ok-jung dies after taking poison. After her death, the palace goes into mourning and prepares the funeral.

Set during the reign of King Sukjong in the Joseon dynasty, the series is based on real-life historical figure Choi Suk-bin. Dong Yi and King Sook-jong are threatened by masked men.

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