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Dating girl with no friends, should You Date Women Who Don't Have Friends?

If she doesn't know too many people in the city, she'll have lots of time to spend with you. Want to go out with the boys? With these tips, you should be in great shape to keep the situation under control, and most importantly, minimize the negative effects that her lack of a social life will have on your relationship. Depending on the reasons for it, her lack of friends can work for or against you. Women are hard to understand, and women who don't have friends can be even more complicated.

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You can really talk about anything that interest the two of you. Usually when she is quiet and there is silence, it means she is thinking about something.

Ask questions about her, what sports she likes to do, if she has any siblings, etc. Sports or activities-Help her if she needs it.

If she spends much of her time on her own, she may have intimacy issues. Don't do anything out of your comfort zone, it might be out of hers too.

Want a day on your own to watch sports in your pajamas? So, you don't have to worry about inviting the guys over for pizza and the game, because she most likely won't mind hanging out with them. Until she meets new people to fill her needs and schedule, she may become dependent on you.

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For you, this will mean some hand-holding and emotional support until she finds the friends that she's looking for. She has no friends, or at least, very few of them. Should you date women who don't have friends? Tell her she's doing good, compliments, compliments, compliments!

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This is probably the least worrisome reason for her lack of friends, both because it is temporary and it has absolutely no bearing on her personality.

But every girl loves a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Girls really dislike it when guys act different around different people. If she is more accustomed to communicating with guys than girls, she'll probably get along well with your buddies. Below are five points that will clarify why she might not be heading out with the girls every Friday night, bookworms dating characters as well as some clever suggestions on how to handle it.

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Then all you need to do next is lift your arm up around her and she will most likely put her head on your shoulder. Since your the guy, usually you are going to have to be the one who starts the conversations, especially if she is shy. If she is used to hanging out on her own, then it is unlikely that she will ever become dependent on you or even needy. It depends where your going, and what your doing in order to determine what the main things are that you should do.

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