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At the time, when we asked Jung Kyung Ho, he had said that it wasn't true so we had responded that way before. To back up their claim, they are providing photos and video of the two on a date. He is engaged to Esther Lee. She lost her voice when she was three years old due to a severe fever. Selfish and controlling, she attempts to take over Jeguk Group when her husband, jessica blankenship thought catalog dating the chairman falls ill.

Diligent and earnest, Hyun-joo gets Kim Won's attention for her sharp intelligence, and they enter into a relationship. Send us your questions for Minzy! Stay tuned for official statements, but in the meantime, you can check out the video clip released below to see for yourself.

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Though somewhat vain and self-centered, she cares for her son deeply and only wants him to be happy. However, she still appears to be in love with Yoon Jae-ho, whom she previously gave up on to marry someone who would help her business. She is also the private tutor of Hyo-shin, who had a crush on her.

He is in a relationship with Hyun-joo, whom he later gives up on for the sake of the company. Due to this, he had never had a real brotherly relationship with Tan, despite the latter trying everything he can to win his brother's heart. She is kind, and wants the best for her daughter. We will reveal our official statement soon. At constant friction with his family, he attempts to rule the company himself, and fears that Tan will get in his way.

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But she eventually broke up with Won to allow him to concentrate on running the company. She often gives advice to Kim Tan's mother.