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Keeping clean is a dirty business, as the animated mascots from cleaning product commercials well know. Now talented people wanted to show up. Vlad the Count is forced to play with Mina after a mix-up in the schedule with his victims.

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Melvin is an alienated loser until he meets Malcom, a trumpeter cockroach who has a huge talent. Sheep leaves Farmer John's farm in pursuit of a happy life in the city. This short was nominated to be adapted into a series but it lost to Johnny Bravo. Debra Solomon and Todd Kessler.

This cartoon follows the unwittingly lucky Lydia Lucas, okate jananam song who is raised by half-crazy parents and narrowly misses her demise at the hands of the Baxter Boys again and again. Snoot morphs into a girl and shouts the same way as Jenny does to Forrest. The long-retired Captain Sturdy must return to action when the Union of Super Heroes cancels his pension. United States Copyright Office. Arthur Filloy and Bob Camp.

Brothers Louie and Elmo set a laundry business, expecting to earn some cash. It isn't easy when they have to watch and protect the chief's teddy bear whilst trying to stop the clown. As was the custom in live action film and television, the company did not pay each creator for the storyboard submitted and pitched.

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Pilot for the show of the same name. Animation portal Television portal. First spin-off episode to The Flintstones. Philadelphia Media Network.

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Fly, try to find a place to stay for the night during winter in the city. Chris Reccardi and Charlie Bean. The creator Bakshi disowned both shorts upon release. The shorts are listed in the order that they originally aired. The differences become glaringly apparent when their neighbor brings home a cow to throw on the barbecue.

Classic duo George and Junior attempt to fix a lightbulb an angry pigeon keeps breaking. George and Junior are forced to deliver one of Santa's presents after they fail to mail in one of his letters.

Show The Cartoon Cartoon Show. This cartoon follows two philosophical cavemen who just don't fit into their prehistoric surroundings.

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However, Chimpy causes trouble for Kenny. Johnny is a peaceful and forgiving worm until a human steps on him repeatedly. Adam Shaheen and Jeff Rockburn. Adam Cohen and Casper Kelly.

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Commander Cork is an enthusiastic and overzealous, though not very bright, do-gooder. Ratz and his fly companion, Dave D.

This section needs expansion. Seibert's idea for the project was influenced heavily by Looney Tunes. Jason Butler Rote and Zac Moncrief.

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Hanna - Barbera original character. This short was nominated for an Oscar.

Sledgehammer O'Possum takes shelter from the cold in a mailbox, much to the dismay of a mailman named Ethel who will stop at nothing to make him leave. Melvin's saga continues as his partnership with Malcom is compromised by an urban superhero's intrusion.

The first poster campaign of its kind introduced the world to the groundbreaking new stable of characters. Mike Ryan and Butch Hartman. It's only a matter of time before everyone catches on to the farce.