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Claims for relief after April do not need to be made on a standard form, you can make these by e-mail, letter or by telephone. We automatically identify those ratepayers who should receive this relief and apply it to their bill. There is no charge for this as all costs of administrating the scheme are paid by central government. Transitional relief limits the percentage your business rates bill can be increased or decreased each year following revaluation.

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Permalink Unoccupied properties Non-domestic properties are exempt from paying business rates for the first three months that they are empty and unoccupied. After this time, play online dating sims game most businesses must pay full business rates.

The full bill is calculated by multiplying the rateable value by the multiplier. The transitional relief will apply each year until the full amount is due and your bill reaches what your full bill should be. You can also apply up to six months after the date the council is told about a change in the rateable value that means the property would be eligible for relief if this is later.

Backdated small business rate relief You can apply for small business rate relief at any time during the current valuation period and for a further six months after the end of this period. Very substantial savings are on offer for almost all small businesses and we must grant such relief to qualifying companies. You can only get small business rate relief on one property.

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It will not be given automatically. Permalink Transitional rate relief All rateable values are reassessed every five years at a general revaluation. The level of relief given to these properties is on a tapered basis, the lower the rateable value the greater the percentage relief. We will automatically include transitional relief when we calculate your bill. We will provide details for each year.