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Austin moon and ally dawson dating, austin Moon and Ally Dawson's relationship

Ally Dawson-Moon

Ally goes to lunch with Jimmy, where they discuss that Austin will perform the song at the Halloween party with Taylor Swift. She is the wife of Austin Moon. Ross Lynch as Austin Moon, an outgoing, confident, and talented singer. Ally is portrayed by Laura Marano.

She and her father have a handshake. After Ally forgives him, the two agree to become partners. Ally learns to stand up for herself and never give up, facing all the problems. They seem to have a very close relationship, although he told Ally that there is one and a bazillion chance to get famous in music. She is a member of the Cloud Watching club.

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Cameron Deane Stewart as Jace, a boy who Trish met when she was on tour and Trish's long-distance boyfriend. Ally tries to put her previous, unpleasant beach-going experiences behind her. They both finally admited they love each other and shared their fourth kiss. Her jobs change frequently due to her lack of effort and presence at work.

Ally's mom even knows Trish well enough that she named a baby gorilla after her, because it was lazy. However, they decide to see other people. She was very nervous about the audition. Ally comes to the bus to say goodbye and they hug. Her favorite food is pickles.

She is somewhat of a germaphobe. Ally also wonders if she's with the right guy. He is a terrible employee, and her dad tells her they can't affords a new employee.

She loves love, just like her mom Penny Dawson. However, Trish tells Ally she is dating Trent, Austin's new backup dancer. Unfortunately, Ally started dating Gavin at the end of the episode, leaving Austin heartbroken. She is a kind, smart, and talented girl.

It's unknown if she still has it. She believes everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone has goodness inside of them. Kipling, may have a crush on Dez, though it turns out that Mrs.

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Austin then asked Ally out and she said yes. Later, they see Big Mama attack the boathouse.

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However, Cassidy turns him down, and Ally tries to help Austin convey his feelings for her by writing her a song. This results with Austin and Ally kissing again, even after Dez said cut three times. She's a smart, sweet girl and always tries her best to not hurt anyone's feelings. Ally tries to cheer up Austin, but it doesn't work as well as she wanted it to.

Lester trusts Ally to run Sonic Boom without him there. Ally is also shown to have been a very good girl who always follows the rules. He's always using the instruments in the Sonic Boom unconventionally, annoying Ally. Laura Marano as Ally Dawson, a smart girl and a singer-songwriter with severe stage fright and a quiet, shy personality. Family Lester Dawson Father Ally's relationship with her dad, seems to be a good one, because he trusts Ally to watch the store for him, though he walks away before she can say anything.

Austin Moon and Ally Dawson's relationship

She is often portrayed as girly, and sometimes meek. The song expresses the pain of the anonymity Ally feels. She has a complicated love-hate relationship with Dez.

In the end, Dallas ends up quitting. She takes her job as Austin's manager, however, fairly seriously and she also became Ally's manager when her career takes off. She is a member of a book club. The boathouse sank because of Dez, however Austin still get to perform and Team Austin dances along to it. He usually wears cowboy attire.

Later, when Dallas tells her he hates his job. The Ultimate Dance-Off event. Because Trish plugged too many things into the outlets, the power went out and Austin and Ally couldn't play the keyboard to finish their song. Austin and Ally performed the song they wrote together twice. She marries Austin in the final time jump of the last episode.

Austin doesn't like it so they decided to hang out more. Ally is a brilliant songwriter, but is too timid to perform her own music, while Austin loves to perform, dating services for people with disabilities but is unable to write songs for himself. Jessie inadvertently steals lyrics that were written by Zuri and tries to get Austin to sing them with her. Austin then stop his performance and dance with Ally.

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But it is also strongly shown that Trish and Ally have a clear and a very well friendship. Ally is a kind, smart and talented girl.

Ally reveals that her crush is actually a boy named Dallas, and her and Austin's misunderstanding is cleared. Ally's father ran a music store and that's where Ally learned to love music and writing songs. Ally's favorite ice cream was, and still is, Fruity Mint Swirl. From there on, Ally has been scared of public humiliation.

She scribbles down Austin's song lyrics in illegible handwriting prompting Dez and Trish to start gathering strange props for the music video which they think correspond to her lyrics. Kipling does not like Dez at all. Lester also told Ally that there is one and a bazillion chance to get famous in music.