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List of highest domestic net collection of Hindi films. The big scene The epic climax, in which all the characters become part of a staging of Mahabharata, is widely considered to be the best comic scene ever shot in a Hindi film. Both were deeply unusual in a Hindi film of the time. No need to hover around from site to site in search of the latest and greatest movies we have your back covered. Latest highly engrossing and successful movies are always few clicks away and are freely accessible to entertain you to the fullest.

The big scene The now-famous Irrfan Khan pops up briefly as a professional letter writer. Jumna becomes a police officer, while Gunga joins a group of bandits after heroically defending his love against a powerful landowner. Central Intelligence Agency.

List of highest-grossing Indian films

Salman Khan adds a dash of cosmopolitan sophistication to his special brand of machismo with this story involving espionage and a love affair with an enemy agent Kaif. This is truly mature cinema. Hope your primarily unquenchable thirst is well quenched.

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Voot is an indomitable and undisputable podium that has certainly grasped a huge amount of popularity in the current era. Munna starts brushing up on his knowledge about Gandhi in order to impress a radio host. Filmmaker Guru Dutt, known for bringing tragic stories to celluloid, plays Vijay, a struggling writer whose two best friends happen to be a streetwalker and a masseuse.

The film's soundtrack was composed by Pritam and lyrics were penned by Kumaar. Spuul might be your choice. Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol.

Meanwhile, Hindu-Muslim tensions at home threaten to rip apart his family. Ranaut impresses with a sassy but vulnerable performance.

Here he plays Raj, who comes to Bombay to earn a living and falls in love with Vidya Nargis. Military man Ram Khan goes undercover as a university student in the name of peace between India and Pakistan.

At least two generations of Indians will count this as the best homegrown comedy ever made, and with good reason. The big scene If there is only one Bollywood soundtrack you ever listen to, it has to be this one, with the title track widely considered to be the best Bollywood song ever. Rahul Khan and Anjali Kajol are best friends studying in the same college, vicky donor full movie dvdrip but the tomboyish Anjali is threatened by the arrival of Tina Mukerji.

The film had opened to an average start as it released with two other diwali releases that year but had later picked up due to positive word of mouth. Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra. If you are one from the same flock as us, then you are bound to listen about Hotstar. While stalking the villain, Ram also loses his heart to a chemistry professor. Jhanvi runs a broken down gymnasium owned by Prem's family and Prem spends his time mechanically modifying cars.

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Raj Kapoor tackles the controversial subject of widows remarrying with this stark critique of old-fashioned family and tenancy structures, all framed within a big, commercial movie. You can check about section for more details.

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When Karan returns after completing his education abroad, he realises his brother has become a gangster working for Anna Patekar. Mohan Bhargav Khan, in one of his best performances is on a short break from his job at Nasa in the States and visits his hometown in India.

The result is an uplifting, colourful and soulful gem. You can also manage your settings. Never thought of finding something like this one. We are in a delicate situation with Raj Kapoor. The big scene A poor farmer explains the difficulties faced by him because of the oppressive nature of the people he deals with, which moves Bhargav to tears.

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Prem loses the race and ends up owing a sum of Rs. Understated elegance is the order of the day in this adaptation of a Bengali novel. Inevitably, their paths must cross. The success of the film comes from its strong attention to detail, a superb performance from Farhan Akhtar as Singh and an inspiring story.

List of highest-grossing Indian films

The film industry is sometimes referred to as Dhollywood or Gollywood. Gritty and political, this is an elegiac and essential rural melodrama. The big scene A montage of the colonel training Arun, and telling him that the world is divided between winners and losers. The big scene Rahul and Pooja finally confess their feelings for each other in front of a large audience in a climactic scene guaranteed to bring audiences to tears. International Business Times India.

This experimental film by directing duo Amit Maitra and Sombhu Mitra sees Raj Kapoor playing a thirsty villager stuck in a city apartment block after being mistaken for a thief. Both jostle for some peace and happiness amid the buzz and mayhem of Mumbai, as they share notes through a tiffin box delivered back and forth.

Anant Puri is a no-nonsense cop who is thwarted at every level by the system in his effort to arrest a crooked politician. He drenches his always-timely message of respect for all faiths in immeasurable imperial pomp. We already have this email.