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Hi Terry, I have been following your blog and I like your optimistic and positive attitude inspite of your health challenge. Visit our health contributing website in case you want to feel better. While the real life couple is happier than ever, most people would have never thought that Lana could fall for such a burly man. Choose an option below to continue browsing TheSportster.

She didn't have a clean win, she was helped by former rival, Paige. Depending on your social media setting, the social media network will have record of this and may display your name or identifier in relation to this action. Thank you for the nomination, I appreciate it very much. With that being said, Goldust Dustin Runnels is the son of a wrestling legend. McMahon, things are amplified to a whole new level.

Top 15 Unlikely Real Life Wrestling Couples

The powerful union between Cena and Bella is surprising for a couple of reasons. Internet Wrestling Database. Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He hoped that maybe other people could relate to his writings and that it may help them in some way to confront challenges within their own lives.


The Undisputed Era Street Profits. Find Your Middle Ground Life is a series of highs and lows. You are the winner of the gift from my blog this week.

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That's exactly the reason why so many professional wrestlers end up dating each other. Ambrose has proved time and time again that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win a match. It all started with Dar creepily seeking to be slapped by Fox and hilariously dragging out her name every time he says it, which thankfully still continues to this day. Sunny was the manager of the tag team The Bodydonnas, which Chris Candido was a part of.

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The following week Melina pinned Fox in a non-title match. Most recently, some tension brewed when Lana had some flirtatious exchanges with Enzo Amore, although that quickly turned into a setup to give the Certified G a whooping. So, without further ado, here's our list.

Other times, we see two people pick each other up when they've been knocked down like Miss Elizabeth's role for Randy Savage. And your page inspires a lot of people I am sure. Life is what we make of it.

It's almost impossible for a wrestler to have a normal relationship with someone who's not in the business. Thank you, looking forward to reading more of your posts. She wants to get married to him and have his babies. Every so often, this would get pushed aside as they would focus more on singles careers or just different paths, but they would find their way back to each other now and again.

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Data Shared with Third Parties We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties. If any couple on this list has a chance to last forever, it's Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Its time to cast the johnas and jonnesses. This began a feud between the two sets of Divas, with Fox and Tamina regularly winning tag team matches and six-Diva tag team matches also including Rosa Mendes and Natalya.

The following night, Paige deliberately distracted Alicia during her match. Barrett and Alicia Fox are friendly with each other these days. Alicia Fox is another Pro. It ended when the cat was let out of the bag that he was actually dating Gail Kim at the time, completing that storyline but kicking off a real-life relationship with Brie Bella.

Team Bella would first eliminate Team B. When he first began writing he did so merely to express his deep thoughts and to share aspects about his own life. Daniel Bryan is unquestionably one of the best wrestlers in recent years. Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, speed dating white plains new Crawford was a model. It's no secret that Randy Savage was way too protective over Miss Elizabeth in real life.

Dolph Ziggler became the object of Lana's affection, and Rusev found himself a new blonde in Summer Rae. Visit our health contributing portal in case you want to improve your health. However, the relationship between Terri and New Jack was a complete shocker. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

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While her onscreen pairing with Goldust was a bit strange, the fact that they were actually married in real life is even weirder. Bryan looks like the lumberjack from the Bounty commercials. Danielson, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are an interesting case of reality imitating art in retrospect. Our site offers a wide variety of non prescription products. They've been a fixture of Total Divas for many seasons, yet they seem to never interact much together outside of that.

If they do, perhaps that will be one of the first times on the primary wrestling shows where they will get to do something other than argue with one another for the sake of dramatic tension. It could add a nice element of realism to see a quick embrace when one of them wins a match or maybe some words of encouragement before Naomi gets her title shot against Alexa Bliss. Luckily for Chyna, dating customs different X-Pac came to the rescue. Thank you for that reassurance tonight x x x. Brock Lesnar and Sable have been together for nearly a decade.

  • Our company offers weight loss products.
  • It's Valentine's Day, which means love is in the air everywhere you look around, including in professional wrestling.
  • Oddly enough, though, perhaps this isn't going to end in a symbolic car crash.
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Throughout the summer, Fox competed in different matches in all of which she ended up being on the losing side. Cara completes Rumble hype, did Brie know Bryan's plot? Their job requires them to travel the world and work in front of different audiences. Look at our health website in case you want to feel better with a help health products. It's such a one-sided and manipulative relationship, which seems to be in stark contrast to what was shown on Breaking Ground.


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Thank you Carol, have a happy day! Professional wrestling portal. World Wrestling Entertainment. The couple actually lasted two years together before all hell broke loose.

  1. What is so remarkable is that things often happen in life for a reason.
  2. Very good to meet you Spearfish, as a result of the like on one of my posts.
  3. He felt at that time a need to accomplish so much more and to begin experiencing life to its fullest.
  4. It is well known that Matt Hardy and Lita were in a serious relationship for many years.

The spoiled rich brat would undoubtedly seek out the gorgeous model as we see all the time in reality. Very interesting thoughts and feelings in your blog. For all intents and purposes, they seem to be a strong couple behind the scenes, but when it comes to their on-screen counterparts, nerd 2 Uso and Naomi are rather underwhelming. Drake Wuertz Jessika Carr. Cesaro also happens to be very popular with the ladies.

WWE s TV Couples of 2017 The Best Worst and Weirdest on Valentine s Day

This is just to recognize your controbution to our blogging world. Look at our health contributing website in case you want to improve your health. Lesnar looks like the type of man who eats raw meat right from the bone. Fox turned face as a result and captained a team of divas against a team captained by Paige at the Survivor Series. They have three daughters together, bishkek dating but I have a feeling that Triple H wants to try again for a baby boy.

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